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Lewat Mana

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  • September 3, 2013

LewatMana helps you to keep updated with road traffic condition around you. You could access an overview of the latest traffic information in almost near live condition to help you plan your commuting time and to avoid congested areas.Try the “driving mode”, is very useful while you are on the road to help you track where you are and view the traffic condition surrounding you. In addition to the camera image, there are videos and running text of latest traffic reports. While not commuting you can always browse traffic CCTV which are organized in several easy-to-access tabs. The LewatMana iOS App presents a lot more fun, easy to use and better performance.

We really hope that you find this application useful. Enjoys!! Avoid operate your phone while driving. Keep safe!!!

●  Maps
●  GPS
●  Upload images
●  Video


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