About Us

Konsepmobile.com is a mobile division of konsep.net and netdesain.com located in Bandung Indonesia. Konsep.net and NetDesain.com founded for more than 14 years in Indonesia. The combination between programming and design skills can be the competitive advantage for us. We believe that mobile technology will solve many problems in the future. Right now there are a lot more people access internet using mobile phone than using desktop computer.


We have experienced develop applications ( Android, iOS ) for enterprise (like for pharmacy industry and distribution company) using our Mosaiq Solution, Secure Phone (sms and voice), mobile application for learning (baby play series, and baby write series), and now webapps (x-phones.com and indonesia2020.com). x-phones is an Indonesian mobile phone and gadget portal. Indonesia2020 is community website for promoting Indonesia using photography and technology.

Some of our clients/partners are: vivanews, bola news (tabloid bola), hai online (majalah hai), dunia soccer, tabloid nova, 21 cineplex, CBN Cahaya Bagi Negeri, Alfamart, LewatMana, BimaTri (3), and more..