Renungan Harian

Renungan Harian

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  • December 4, 2013

Renungan Harian (Daily Devotional) and quote application is an application that comes to proclaim the love and goodness of God through the media in a creative way and contextual. This application was built by the Yayasan Cahaya Bagi Negeri (CBN) in collaboration with PT. Konsep Dot Net and using quotes from the official CBN. In order to improve services to the community of love, then built a mobile application for Android is the Renungan Harian.

Feel connected to God! The more we read these daily devotions the more connected you’re. This Renungan Harian app really helped you A LOT!


> New devotionals available every day
> Comfortable reading viewer
> Save your favorite daily devotionals for use later
> Search for devotionals on specific topics
> New full archive of all devotionals
> New stunning and user friendly interface



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