Aplikasi BeritaSatu

Aplikasi BeritaSatu

Beritasatu.com news sites and blogs are published by BeritaSatu Media Holdings which has the advantage on the news with a multi-cycle, multi-platform, multi-language and multi-brand.

Beritasatu.com is Indonesian site that puts itself be a friend to the reader during the 24 hours in 7 days a week. We work to provide information to the public with the highest standards of journalism to uphold the integrity, objectivity, impartiality, and accuracy of the news.

Beritasatu.com look different by putting forward the other side of the news, in addition to the speed of the news so that our news is more diverse. Beritasatu.com is the only news site that mating events and facts in an aisle same page. For each channel it in Beritasatu.com we always show the readers opinion in the form of a blog as an integral part of the whole work of our editorial team.

In Beritasatu.com, you who do not subscribe to pay television (pay TV) Firstmedia still can enjoy the live streaming broadcast BeritasatuTV and various video on demand (VOD).

Beritasatu.com invites readers to write opinions in the form of a blog. Topic of blog posts can be of various issues. Please send us your blog article to the email: [email protected]. Blogger freed to express the views or opinions. Facts presented should be checked in advance in order to avoid mistakes. Blogger is not allowed to write things offensive

You can also join by leaving comments on each of our news. Also join us on social networking media: www.facebook.com / BeritaSatu and follow our twitter www.twitter.com / BeritaSatu


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